Great River Region


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  • The Board of Directors of the Great River Region consists of elected officers who are the Regional Executive (President), Secretary, Treasurer, Activities Chairman (Vice-President), Membership Chairman, and four (4) Directors-at-Large. These positions are elected annually.

    Regional Executive/Treasurer

    Paul Gilbert
    (563) 391-3908   |

    Assistant Regional Executive

    Jeff Wagenknecht
    (563) 484-9517   |

    Regional Secretary

    Adam Moore
    (563) 349-6277   |

    Competition Chair/Archivist

    Tony Grau


    Glenn Campbell

    Membership Chair

    Conor Flaherty

    Merchandise Chair

    Tim Govier
    (563) 349-8208   |

    Solo Chair

    Mike Whitney
    (563) 210-3771   |

    Webmaster/Newletter Editor

    Jesse White
    (563) 343-8308   |

    Please replace "AT" with "@" where applicable. This is done to prevent mining email addresses from our site and is prefered by most board members.