Solo Event Chairman Checklist


1.       Insurance Certificate (request must be sent in 30 days prior to the event).

A.               Must be posted at the event

B.                Must be kept in the club's permanent file.


2.       Waivers must be present at registration and signed by all, including non-participating visitors.

A.               General Waiver is signed by all adults and must be kept on file for 3 years.

B.                Minor waiver (18 years & younger) must be signed by both parents/guardians and kept on permanent file.  Minor Waivers only need to be signed once annually.  The minor should have their signed waiver with them at all events.  Registration should have a file of active minor waivers on site at all events.

C.                Acknowledgement of waiver signed.  After signing the waiver a wristband must be issued to the person.  Recommend that it is worn in an obvious place until the event is over.


3.       Staffing for an event.  This is the minimum number of people needed to run an event.  It is possible to have people in dual roles.

A.   Chairman (You)

B.   Safety Steward (If the safety steward will be participating in the event there must be another safety steward present and active).

C.   Chief Technical Inspector

D.   Chief Timing Official

E.   Registration

F.   Course Layout Helpers

G. Chief of Waivers

H. Youth Steward (if approved Kart course)


4.       Equipment

A.   Have someone lined up to transport the equipment trailer.

B.   Make sure the timing equipment is brought to the site and that the batteries have been charged.

C.   Fire extinguisher must be on site (these need to be certified/recharged annually).

D.   Money - It is a good idea to have change available for registration.

E.   Timing vehicle.

F.   Cellular phone (not required, but a good idea).

G.   Flags - Red flags to stop a car on course.

H.   Cones - No cones equals good scores.

I.     Chalk

J.    Score board and markers

K.   Tape measure

L.    Solo Rule Book

M.   Solo Handbook (The club Chairman has this)

N.   Shoe Polish

0.    If Port-A-Potty is needed, contact company for delivery and pick-up after event.

P.   Awards

Q.   Course Layout - A diagram of the course is to be posted


5.      Event Results

A.     If there is going to be a follow up news release of the event results, see that this information gets to that person at the end of the event.

B.   After the news release has been completed the season points keeper needs to receive the score cards.

C.      It is nice to recap the event and forward an article to the editor for publishing in the "River Ramblings".


Advice:   Don't panic, you are not responsible to do all of this.  The only thing the Event Chairman needs to do is to make sure that all of these responsibilities are getting done.  Ask for volunteers and if that doesn't work appoint members.  Remember most of all to have fun!!