Registration Checklist


Have table set up before opening registration


  • Waivers (Including Minor waivers - Competing and Non-Competing)

  • Registration Cards

  • Car Number Sheet

  • Wristbands

  • Pens

  • Money


Form Single line - with cones if needed





  • Assign number and class (ask competitor for preference) - check on number sheet

  • Have them sign waiver (minors must have signed minor waiver with them)

  • Give them wristband

  • Ask for Drivers License and SCCA Card (Mark on registration card)

  • Take money ($25 SCCA member, $40 Non SCCA member) + $5 if late

  • Mark paid on registration card

  • Ask them to fill out top portion of registration card and present to tech inspection

  • Thank them and wish them good luck!




  • The Registrar (Adult SCCA member) must sign the bottom line as witness to the signatures

  • Make sure the top line is filled out with the type of event, location and date of the event.